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Looking good in orthotics

I had a bad car accident as a teenager, and now one of my legs is a little shorter than the other. I need to wear an orthotic support on the foot which is on the shorter leg or I get all sorts of pains and issues. It can be tricky to find shoes that look cool and let you have orthotics inside, particularly if you work in a professional environment and can't wear sneakers each day! This site has my tips on looking like a professional working person while still looking after your podiatric health and great shoes that let you stay comfortable and wear your orthotics without looking unprofessional.


Burning Feet: Tips on How to Cool the Burning Sensation Naturally

When you occasionally experience a painful hot sensation in your feet, it is easy to assume that the pain is normal after a long walk or a tiresome day. But what if it is not and instead you are a victim of burning feet? Burning feet is a condition related to various medical conditions including diabetes and neuropathy which involves damage of nerves in the legs. It causes numbness or paresthesia—a pins and needles sensation—and at times, it may deny you a comfortable night's sleep.

However, no matter the reason behind the pain, the following remedies may prove useful at home:

Wear the Right Shoes

Avoid wearing air-tight shoes if you want the pain gone. Combination of dampness and friction is one of the causes of burning feet. Opt for shoes that have better ventilation to allow for evaporation of sweat.

For the same reason, avoid socks that are made of synthetic fabric and settle for cotton.

Massage Your Feet

Massaging the sore muscles can help relieve the pain. Use ayurvedic oil for the best results. If it is not readily available, you can always make it by mixing olive oil with extracts of ginger. Stroke your feet upward to improve blood circulation which in effect will reduce the pain.

Soak Your Feet in Epsom Salt

On top of relieving you from pain, Epsom salt will also get rid of any foot odour, soften your skin and assist in pulling out toxins through your feet. Mix ½ cup of the salt with warm water in a large pan. Finally, add ice cubes to the mixture and soak your feet in the concoction until you are free from pain.

The bitter-sweet taste of alcohol may be a contributing factor to your pain, hence it is best you avoid it. When you consume alcohol for a long period of time, it can interfere with the nervous activity of your feet and lead to burning feet.

Your healing capability may also depend on your nutrition. If you are a serious victim of burning feet, increase your intake of foods that are loaded with vitamin B5 such as chicken, kidney and liver. Tiredness and fatigue should add to your list of worries and confirm that you are lacking the vital nutrient.

Before you embark on the journey of self-treatment, it would be to your own benefit if you sought the attention of a podiatrist first because some mode of treatments may not react well with your body, particularly if you are on medication. For more information or assistance, contact services like Eastwood Podiatry Clinic Pty Ltd.