Looking good in orthotics

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Looking good in orthotics

I had a bad car accident as a teenager, and now one of my legs is a little shorter than the other. I need to wear an orthotic support on the foot which is on the shorter leg or I get all sorts of pains and issues. It can be tricky to find shoes that look cool and let you have orthotics inside, particularly if you work in a professional environment and can't wear sneakers each day! This site has my tips on looking like a professional working person while still looking after your podiatric health and great shoes that let you stay comfortable and wear your orthotics without looking unprofessional.


Why Does Your Podiatrist Want to See Your Running Shoes?

If you have a persistent running injury that is affecting your feet or lower legs, then your podiatrist may ask you to bring your running shoes along to an appointment. Foot and leg problems that won't go away may be caused by biomechanical issues. While your podiatrist may be able to fix your problem, it may come back if the factors that caused your injury remain the same. What can your running shoes tell your podiatrist about your problems? Read More 

Yoga and Flat Feet: Five Tips to Help

If you have flat feet, many yoga poses can be hard to manage, and your feet, ankles and calves may experience pain during yoga just as they may experience pain whilst doing other activities. However, yoga can be good for your body as well as your flat feet. You just need a few tips to succeed: 1. Adjust poses as needed. Every beginning yogi and even some advanced yogis need to adjust poses to work with their body and skill level. Read More 

Are You Diabetic? Things You Should Do To Avoid Foot Ulcers

If you have just been diagnosed with diabetes, you need to take good care of your feet to avoid severe medical procedures like amputations in the future. This is because diabetes elevates the chances of suffering from necrosis. Necrosis is a condition in which there is low blood flow to the lower extremities of the body such as your feet. The low blood supply is accompanied by nerve damage that affects the sensitivity of the tissues in the lower extremity. Read More 

Tips to Relieve Heel Pain At Home

One of the most excruciating ailments you could suffer from is heel pain. Medically, it is referred to as plantar fasciitis. It occurs when you have a strained or a torn ligament in your foot. It commonly presents itself in the morning as you wake up. This is because after your foot's inactivity during the night, applying pressure on it in the morning as you get out of bed aggravates the damaged ligament. Read More 

Three types of foot pain that require a podiatrist

If you have been standing for long periods, wearing high shoes, walking with uncomfortable shoes, sore feet are probably a common occurrence in your life. In such situations, a gentle massage and probably staying away from such bad habits is enough to eliminate your foot problems. There are instances, however, when that painful foot is no ordinary sore foot. In such instances, you will need to see a specialist called a podiatrist. Read More